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26 June 2014 @ 05:24 pm
I'm up and alive!

.... out of the fandom .....Collapse )

Well, i'll be posting my new fics here, my new community for my kpop fics.

Thank you....Collapse )
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25 June 2014 @ 12:01 am
! Masterpost !

credits: yaoipinlover

All my new fics/chapters will be posted at my community with

sakura_hime1212 called SheeZzah

It is member's lock.

Edit: All Fics In This Journal Is Private. So You Have To Read It At The Comm

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21 August 2012 @ 07:13 pm
My Big Book Bucket List

My list has been growing larger everyday and it’s hard to keep count. So I decided to create a list here to keep count ;) Also for the fact if some of you want to give me/get rid of yours to give to me *smirk* hehehehe

All of the books listed are those that I find interesting and would recommend to those who want to find some new books ^_^ But all of them are Paranormal and no Contemporary whatsoever.

BTW, I still haven't have it because

1. I have school and books are expensive =,=
2. The books store here in Malaysia doesn't have full collection and is quite poor in English Young Adult novels -,-

Ones like ‘this’ meant that I already have it.

Now, on to the books! =>

To my long list~Collapse )

And That's it! Oh, i have more but the ones that are already completed i didn't put up there~ It really is depressing because more than half, i can't find it here in my country =,= And buying online is expensive with the shipping fee =,=

Will upgrade the list if i founf more interesting books^^

Oh, and if you have a few novels that you find interesting, please recommend! But it must be paranormal~ XD

Updated on 13/10/2012

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Throughout the series of Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa (Well... i guess not 'throughout' because he first appeared in The Iron Queen. Which is the third book) Glitch the first lieutenant of Machina caught my heart. He was described in the book as a "seventeen year old punk rocker with spiky black hair that's alit with electrical bolts, shimmering violet eyes and pale skin. He tends to wear ripped jeans, combat boots and a motorcycle jacket. He wears studs in his pointy ears." Even the definition has me giggling. I have a thing for boys who wears leather and has ear studs. It also make me wonder if he have other piercing like on his tongue. Glitch didn't have many appearance but when he did, he was absolutely acting like a leader for example leading the rebels to fight the oncoming New Iron King army but in the end, he just ordered them all to go down the packrat's tunnels due to Meghan orders :P Also, during the war when he joined forces with the Summer and Winter courts, his fights weren't much written so i don't know how his true powers are which I'm sure is incredible because Ironhorse is the second lieutenant and he was already strong. So i like to imagined that his powers are so strong that when he walks into a building, the lights flicker in acknowledge and he could easily fix a broken computer or phone simply by touching it (i love my mind~). And so, with that i hope described my love for Glitch and hope to see more of him and his bad-ass character which I'm sure would make him best bud with Puck for their characters seems almost the same just that Puck is even more irresponsible.

I'm a #TeamGlitch. *Ash narrowing his eyes at me* Oh Ash~ I'm still a #TeamAsh too~ Don't worry ;;D <3
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18 April 2012 @ 05:43 pm
The Johnny's Fanfiction Concrit Meme THIS is where you get to tell me about my writing.
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28 November 2011 @ 02:40 am
I got tagged by lybrint so for her, I'm doing this for her~~ ^_^

Three names/nicknames you go by

1. Sa-chan
2. Izumi Haruhi
3. Midget (by a girl who is younger and SHORTER than me! How come she calls me Midget if i'm taller than her! Sheesh! I know i'm shorter than average but still!)

Three things you are wearing right now

1. shorts
2. no-sleeve shirt
3. .. That's it =___=
Three things you want very badly at the moment

1. Gena Showalter's Twisted
2. P.C Cast's Hidden (the 10th Volume of the House of Night series)
3. P.C Cast to continue writing the 'Goddess Summoning' series... (Sorry, I'm a HUGE bookworm)
Three people who you hope will do the meme
 (if you want to^^ Don't be offended if i put your name okay??)
1. sugarbloodlolli (Mama~~)
2. pautami (Grandma~)
3. miruiki (My sister who is also my nemesis!)
Three things you did last night

1. Watched Natsume Yuujinchou San.
2. Watched Glee~~
3. Sleep at 3 in the morning~!
Three things you are going to do tomorrow

1. Wake up before 12 in the afternoon cuz these past weeks I'm waking up the least is 1 PM.
2. Try to find an interesting anime to download
3. Update my fics (Or at least write something! *smack my head*)
Three of your favorite drinks

1. Mineral Water (from the Earth NOT the pipe. I can always tell the difference)
2. Milo~
3. Coca-cola or Coke
Three things that made you smile today
1. Imagining RyoDaPiN and other character from books together and had amazing journeys in a magical world (i want to write this but... not really sure yet)
2. When my cat LITERALLY fart in my face. It was sooooooo stinky!! =___=
3. Seeing Tat-chan in Run for you PV and how his hair was so beautiful but now........ =_______=

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26 October 2011 @ 06:40 pm
Poll #1789817 My Fics

My Fics

Mediator `Love You To Death~
Unexpected Encounter
The Little Mermen

My Collaboration Fics

To Be Free
I created this Polls because whichever has the highest vote, I'm gonna finish that first! For example if Mediator has the highest vote, i will finish it and if Unexpected encounter is the second, i will finished it after Mediator. I want to write my fics one story at a time and then the next... Makes it much easier -___- But i will post one-shot's in between XD So please vote~!
Yours sincerely, sanox
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05 July 2011 @ 12:06 am
Hi, now I'm going to start doing a book review and all of the book here is one that i recommend for everyone!
Unless i say otherwise :D

I love reading novels so i want to introduce some great ones to you^^
Also, if you know any great novels please recommend me some~

But before that, i should tell you.
I don't read romance books
I only read mystery, fantasy, supernatural and such
The only romance that i read if it is also supernatural!
Normal romance like a girl in high school falls in love with the new transfer students but the boy has a heart disease or something - those are the kinds of book I DON'T READ.
I don't really like those.......
It's kind of boring^^
I'm still young so please just let me enjoy the one that i would like to read^^

Now, the first book review,
Remember Me by Christopher Pike.


This book is a 3 in 1Collapse )



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29 May 2011 @ 02:47 pm
Poll #1746373 Mediator fate relies on this!

What do you want mediator fate to be?

Continue this!
Delete this!
Delete and start a better one! (Author chooses this!)
So, can i delete Mediator????
Before you all go hysterics or anything, let me explain first!
1. I hate mediator because i wrote it without any plans for the future chapter so now, many things are what i feel should be thrown in the dumpster about that fic!
2. Like PiTakki, Pi-Sleepy, Toma-Dopey and all, I don't know how to continue them!!!!!!!!!! I just whish i could kill them all...........
3. The storyline is getting boring and i hate the storyline that i wrote in the past..........

So, can i delete it????
I'll give you three options,
1. Continue
2. Delete
3. Delete and change it!

For me, the one i want to most is 'Delete and Change it'
If that one wins, i have a great idea on how to change it but still connected to ghost and this time, more ghost action than love life which is my idea in the first place but somehow it turn to more to love life so i wanna change it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now, it all depend on your votes and if you can, comment too please!!!
For all those who hates mediator, please vote delete or delete and change ne~~
Now, please vote

If you have any questions, please ask me and don't hesitate to lash out on your hate for this fic but make sure it won't hurt my feelings :P 
And don't worry, if i change if, i will hopefully make it into something that you will love for sure!!!!
The post will end on 11 June 2011
And which votes get the most, that will be the fate!!!!!
Please vote!!! *puppy eyes*
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26 May 2011 @ 11:03 pm
I'm worried about something.............. But the GOOD NEWS first!
*throw confetti for myself*
I'm gonna be updating my fics but still,
Mediator is on Hiatus^^

Now the Bad news and what i'm worried about............
It's about Sheena A.K.A sakura_hime1212 
Are you alright Sheena???Collapse )
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